• ALARADAH FACTORY Deal carefully with your privacy on the Internet and seeks to achieve this.
• ALARADAH FACTORY deal with your information we receive on the Internet very carefully under any circumstances and to ensure that the information you send is used only for the purposes allocated to us and the means and disclosed.
• ALARADAH FACTORY using information that provided by you (if available) to measure the use of its location and to improve the contents of our web page, the use of personal information collected from our side only to respond to your questions and address any request or allow you to access your account information.
• In some cases, may use cookies to provide certain information "cookie files for you is a small part of the data that can be sent from a Web browser-site element, which can be stored after the hard drive so we can recognize you when you return," and you can browser preparation to notify you when you receive one of the cookies.
• Please note that do not want to receive any confidential information or secrets or information about the property or data you via our web page or our e-mail addresses or any other way, ALARADAH FACTORY will be considered any information or data have been submitted or sent to us is non-confidential and ALARADAH FACTORY is not responsible for any data pertaining to third parties, even if true, does not accept any liability therefore is not entitled to claim anything.
• provide data or information and sent to ALARADAH FACTORY, you agree to the following:
(1) ensure that you do not have any right of any kind in the data and that, as you know there is no other party has any right to those non- ALARADAH FACTORY public data.
 (2) ALARADAH FACTORY grant license is unrestricted and non-final to use the data or information, reproduced, modified, transferred or distributed, as you agree that ALARADAH FACTORY free to any ideas or knowledge, concepts, techniques send it for any purpose and may not be claiming any right accordingly.
• Also note thatALARADAH FACTORY site contains links to other sites. While we try to make links to sites that operate in accordance with high standards and respect for privacy only, ALARADAH FACTORY not responsibility or liability with regard to content or privacy practices of other linked sites.
• You may use the data collected during your visit to the site ALARADAH FACTORY in:
 (1) Make Customer's own products ALARADAH FACTORY public support services.
 (2) Provide you with information about the latest products and updates available on the site ALARADAH FACTORY
 (3) Review the points from clients in order to improve the contents of the site or ALARADAH FACTORY design.
 (4) To conduct surveys.
 (5) Marketing activities related to products and services ALARADAH FACTORY to the public.

• To achieve the above objectives, our company may share this information with any company belonging to the ALARADAH FACTORY. It can also share information with third parties find suitable company to achieve the above objectives. However, in such a case, we will seek to make sure not to use the addressee information for a purpose different from the specific purposes within the scope of our own consent, also we will seek to ensure protection of information from unauthorized use. At the request of law or legislative authorities it may be the disclosure of information to third parties only in exceptional cases. In particular, we do not rent or sell your personal data to any third party (unless they are part of the full sale of our assets).
For example, ask for information in the following cases:
• buy a product or service.
• Registration as a member of our online community.
• ensure registration.
• Surveys action.
• Participate in a contest or other promotional offers.
• subscribe to a newsletter or mailing list.
• send us your data, you agree to the uses mentioned above. We would like to assure you that we will be dealing with your personal data at the highest level of protection. And it will seek ALARADAH FACTORY to take reasonable steps to keep any of your private information have. And your personal data is stored on secure servers. Unfortunately, and in spite of the technical and security features mentioned above, cannot be guaranteed to be a transfer of data over a secure Internet 100%, so we cannot offer absolute guarantee that the information you provide to us will be safe at all times, and we cannot take responsibility for what consequences of unauthorized access to personal data. ALARADAH FACTORY will not take responsibility for the consequences for third parties to obtain unauthorized access to personal data.
• Maintains ALARADAH FACTORY alone and at their discretion the right to amend this privacy statement without warning or prior notice. You agree that your continued use of the site after such modifications is a recognition of the amendments stressing you, and you agree to comply with such amendments.