The delivery service is subject to special fees, and the home delivery service is within 24 to 48 hours (except on Fridays off) from the completion of the order or as agreed upon with the customer

The minimum value of a delivery request is 5 dinars, as well as delivery to governmental and private workplaces, and also the delivery service does not include the following areas (Sabah Al-Ahmad City, Umm Al-Hayman, chalets, farms, Al-Jawakhir, Al-Wafra).

Upon delivery, you will be asked to sign a copy of the invoice, and this signature is a confirmation that you have received the products in full as shown on the invoice.

If you are not at the specified address, we will deliver the order to any relevant person present at this address and sign it on the invoice, and when any person in the address signs the delivery request, it is considered that the customer has received the products on the invoice

If the address specified by you has been reached and we cannot deliver the order, please contact customer service to set another date for the delivery of the order