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cooler bag

Discover superior comfort and performance with this versatile cooler bag! Specially designed to meet your needs during outdoor trips and adventures, this bag combines durability and efficiency to keep your drinks and food cold for long periods.


1.Extended cool keeping: Made of high-quality, double-layer insulated materials, this bag ensures its contents stay cool for long hours, making it ideal for long trips and family outings.

2.Superior leak resistance: The bag is equipped with a leak-proof layer, which prevents any water or ice leakage, even when tilted or flipped.

3. Large storage space: The bag can accommodate a large amount of drinks and food, meeting everyone's needs during the trip.

4.Practical design: The bag comes with additional pockets to store small items such as personal items, which increases your convenience and keeps everything within easy reach.

5.Durable and easy to clean: Made of strong materials that can withstand repeated daily use, it can also be easily cleaned to keep it clean.

6. Convenient for placing ice: Specially designed so that you can put ice directly inside it, which enhances its cooling ability for a longer period.

The bag measures: length 30 cm, width 20 cm, height 30 cm

The weight of the bag is 0.90 kg

Bag capacity is 18 litres


- Ideal for family trips and outings.

- Suitable for keeping drinks and foods cold while traveling.

- Can be used to hold cold drinks on hot days.

Enjoy comfort and freshness with this indispensable cooler bag on your outdoor adventures!

Made in Kuwait

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